In 2001 Sylke and her husband moved to San Diego, CA. She obtained her landscape design qualifications at Cuyamaca College and started her landscape design business in 2006.  She was a teaching assistant to the landscape design classes, tutored students, held the position of Vice President of the first Student Affiliate Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architects in the nation and in 2007 won Cuyamaca College's first landscape design competition.  

During her early professional life in Germany, Sylke worked for an Ecology Center and gained valuable insights into Wildlife & Habitat Protection, Integrated Pest Management and Energy & Water Conservation.  This qualifies her uniquely to meet the current demand in Sustainable Garden Design.

In 2011 Sylke and her husband moved to Fresno, CA.  Sylke now designs valley friendly gardens and specializes in Ca native plants adapted to the difficult growing conditions of the valley floor.

Professional Qualifications:

  • UCCE Certified Master Gardener of Fresno County 2015
  • Landscape Design, Cuymaca College, San Diego, CA, USA 
  • MS Agricultural Engineering - Crop Production, Christian Albrechts University (CAU), Kiel, Germany


  •  2007 Winner of Cuyamaca College Landscape Design Competition


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Born and raised in Germany, Sylke Clark obtained her degree in Agricultural Crop Production in 1985 in Kiel, Germany.  Since then she has lived and worked in such diverse places as La Ceiba, Honduras; Rome, Italy and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.  Together with her husband she traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Japan, where she gained experiences she frequently draws upon in her garden & landscape designs.

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